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London Players' Backgammon League

London's only Backgammon league for individual players

2016 London League Cup Winner
 Raj Jansari

After a David v Goliath Finale, Losing Finalist Larry Smyth (left) awards the 2016 London Players' League Cup to winner Raj Jansari

Match files for the Final:

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Match files and PR scores for private viewing only.  Permission must be sought from London Players League if used in the public domain.

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2015 London League Cup Results

2014 London League Cup Results

Winner Eric Maillebiau (left) receives the London Players' League Cup in 2015 from the shell-shocked losing finalist Chris Purchase after a 25-0 victory. 

Match files for the Final:  

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Losing Finalist Antonio Sgambato (right) awards the London Players' League Cup to Ken Gibson. 

Match files for the Final:

Match recorded & streamed live by Sean Williams.
Match transcribed by Antonio Sgambato.  With thanks to both. 

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