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London Players' Backgammon League

London's only Backgammon league for individual players, est. 2011.

London Players' League Cup                                           
£300 Prize Fund - FREE ENTRY

League Cup Rules

  • The London League Cup is an additional Single Elimination Tournament that runs alongside the London League throughout the calendar year.

  • Entry to this free annual tournament is for London League players only. If you leave the League part way through the year for whatever reason, you are deemed to have also left this tournament and your next opponent will receive a bye. 

  • First prize £210, second prize £90

  • This is a seven round tournament that will take 12 months to complete. That is approximately one round every 2 months.  Early rounds are 17 points.  This increases to 25 points by the time you get to the final.

  • The Semi-final and the Final rounds all have just one month to be played.

  • Matches are arranged in much the same way as league matches, by the players themselves.  If you fail to get your match played and reported by the STRICT round deadlines, both players in that tie miss out and your next opponent gets a bye.  No ifs, no buts, no sob stories.  Match forfeits will not be awarded unless a player specifically tells me that they wish to take no further part in the League Cup Tournament.

  • Remember that organised players are lucky players.

  • Match lengths and round deadlines can be found on the draw sheet.

  • Match results should be reported to Dicky Biddle in the usual fashion.

  • If you do not know the contact details of your opponent, please contact Dicky Biddle for the details.  It is your responsibility to get these contact details from me, not mine.

  • If a player wishes to play the match on a clock and can produce a bona fide match clock, then the match must be played on a clock - PROVIDED THIS HAS BEEN AGREED AHEAD OF TIME WHEN THE MATCH IS ARRANGED.  Please see League Rules for further information on clock rules.  If you are providing the clock and your opponent has never played on a clock before, do the decent thing and give them a proper lesson on how it works, have a practice game and put them at ease about playing with the clock.  If you have never played on a clock before, relax, it's easy - you have plenty of time.

  • In all other aspects, the rules remain as for league matches.

  • Winner of the League Cup qualifies for the following year's UK Backgammon Champions League.  Should the winner already have qualified, the losing finalist takes up the place.  Should both finalists have qualified, the place reverts back to league finishing positions.