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London Players' Backgammon League

London's only Backgammon league for individual players, est. 2011.

Guidance to Playing League & Cup Matches Online

London Ex-pats (those living outside the M25) are encouraged to play live when they can but have the option of playing their matches online.  All other players are expected to play their matches live unless granted permission by Dicky Biddle.

There are four choices of online playing servers.  Click on Graphic to view table. 

Please note that since creating the table above the Players Lobby has become much easier to navigate in Galaxy with a Player Search function.

Other sites can be used but only by agreement of both players. If a dispute arises that is not on any of these four sites, I will not be making any rulings so you are on your own.

Some League Online Ground Rules
  • Pip counts should be set to on for both players
  • Clock Settings on Galaxy should be set to Casual unless you are in Division One or Two in which case it should be set to Normal if either player requests it.
  • In all Cup matches played on Galaxy, the clock should be set to Casual.
  • If playing on Galaxy, it is each player’s responsibility to ensure they are playing on a stable PC/device with stable broadband. If a player’s PC crashes permanently and they get timed out, they lose the match. The reported score should be 11-x, x being the score of the losing player before they timed out.
  • If the online site goes down and the match is lost, regardless of the score the match is abandoned and must be replayed from 0-0. (if the part match files can be retrieved, please contact me about resuming the match.
  • Some players are new to playing online. Be patient with them and be prepared to pick up the phone to them to coach them through it.
  • There is nothing to stop players connecting on SKYPE, Zoom or any of the other apps to make their match more sociable while they play.
  • Please report your results to me as you would normally do.
  • If you feel your opponent has been using a bot to play you, please send me the match files for review.

Please be grown up when it comes to deciding with your opponent which site to play on.

My final bit of advice to playing online – SLOW DOWN! The click-ability factor makes everyone speed up their play and become worse players, not least from the odd miss-click. Give yourself enough time to find the correct play every move.