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London Players' Backgammon League

London's only Backgammon league for individual players, est. 2011.

2022 London League Cup Winner
Martin Brown


In a David and Goliath contest Martin Brown (Div 13) defeated
  Raj Jansari (Div 1) by a score of 25-24.

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2021 London League Cup Winner
Jonathan Shaul

2020 London League Cup Winner
Jim Dickson

Following a video playback of the 25-24 Final, a one point scoring anomaly was spotted which means a one-point playoff was required between Jonathan Shaul & Dicky Biddle to decide the winner.

Match File

One Point Play Off File

Jonathan Shaul triumphed in the one-pointer.

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Jim Dickson defeats Ken Gibson 25-24 in a match that went to the final bear-off.

Match File

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2019 London League Cup Winner
David Collins

2018 London League Cup Winner
Mark Dixon

David Collins defeats Saravanan Sathyanandha 25-23 in the Final of the 2019  London League Cup and qualify for the 2020 UK Champions League.  

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Mark Dixon defeats Wayne Felton to win the 2018  London League Cup and qualify for the 2019 UK Champions League.

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2017 London League Cup Winner
Dicky Biddle

2016 London League Cup Winner
 Raj Jansari

A very happy Dicky Biddle (right) celebrates his 2017 League Cup Final win over a very sporting Eric McAlpine.

Match Files for the Final

Please note that these files need to be unzipped first.  Once unzipped, click on the file called index.  This will allow you to view the match in your browser.  The zip files also include the match files in XG, TXT & MAT format. 

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After a David v Goliath Finale, Losing Finalist Larry Smyth (left) awards the 2016 London Players' League Cup to winner Raj Jansari

Match files for the Final:

XG, TXT, MAT, SnowieGNU, WORD, PDF, HTML (on request by email)

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2015 London League Cup Winner
Eric Maillebiau

2015  London League Cup Winner
Ken Gibson

Winner Eric Maillebiau (left) receives the London Players' League Cup in 2015 from the shell-shocked losing finalist Chris Purchase after a 25-0 victory. 

Match files for the Final:  

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Losing Finalist Antonio Sgambato (right) awards the London Players' League Cup to Ken Gibson. 

Match files for the Final:

Match recorded & streamed live by Sean Williams.
Match transcribed by Antonio Sgambato.  With thanks to both. 

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Match files and PR scores for private viewing only.  Permission must be sought from London Players League if used in the public domain.